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Sanders: Coronavirus Stimulus Package Laden With "Corporate Welfare," Not Enough For Working Families


Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic, as Congress debates emergency legislation.

"This stimulus package is obviously not a bill that I, or anyone in the progressive community, would have written. There is much in there that I dislike. Very much. And equally important, there is much that is not in it that should be in it," he said.

"Having said all that, as a U.S. Senator... elections matter," Sanders also said. "Donald Trump is the President of the United States and Republicans do control the majority in the United States Senate. Under that reality, I can not imagine there is any bill that could get through the Senate and the White House that fully represents the needs of the working families of our country and that is not laden with large amounts of corporate welfare. That is the sad reality of where we are today."

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