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Pelosi: Democrats Are Using Their Leverage On Coronavirus Relief Bill To Make It More "Worker-Oriented"


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells CNBC's Jim Cramer on Tuesday morning that she is concerned about President Trump's decision not to "embrace" the Defense Production Act to produce more resources to help health-care workers amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: We produced two bills already in a very strong bipartisan way, the first one giving the money for research, for vaccines, for therapies and this or that. The -- the next one, I didn't -- it's something I didn't like to do, but to give immunity for liability to the mask producers so that they would sell the masks. They weren't going to sell it unless they had immunity. It's not something I like to do, but weighing the equities, it was necessary to do. So we did that, and that's in the second bill, and that was why that was important to get that out, among other things. It was going to unleash the masks.

PELOSI: Testing, testing, testing -- you can't say it enough, but you have to have the right -- you have to have the right tests.

In terms of some of the other things in the bill that had improved, state and local, we wanted strong infusion of resources for state and local -- for state and local governments because they are taking a big bite of this wormy apple.

We have some concerns still about the president not fully embracing the Defense Production Act (inaudible) go so far into getting more of what we need out there. And again, there's some issues that I don't think are deal-breakers but are of concern to my members. We want OSHA language for better protection for our workers. Family and medical leave is a big issue for our families, to be expanded.

So that's just to give you some of the particular issues. But overarchingly, I think we're getting to a good place. If they stay there. See, the...

CRAMER: Right, right.

PELOSI: ... (inaudible) moves, but I'm optimistic, Chuck Schumer and the House Democrats used their leverage to a great extent to make this a much more worker-oriented initiative.

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