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Gov. Andrew Cuomo: We Have To Start Thinking About How We Restart The Economy


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) talked about how to restart the economy after coronavirus at his Monday press briefing.

CUOMO: Remember, you studied the numbers across the countries that have been infected. The survival rate for those who have been infected is like 98%, right? A lot of people get it, very few people die from it. So how do we start to calculate that in? We implemented New York Pause, which stopped the essential workers, etc. We have to start thinking about New York Forward. And Steve Cohen and Bill Mulrow, who I've worked with for 30 years and now in the private sector, they're going to start to think about this, how do you restart or transition to a restart of the economy? And how do you dovetail that with the public health strategy? As you are identifying people who have had the virus and have resolved, can they start to go back to work? Can younger people start to go back to work because they're much more tolerant to the effect of the virus? So how do you -- you turned off the engine quickly.

How do you now start or begin to restart or plan the restart of that economic engine? Separate task, but something that we have to focus on. I offered my personal opinion yesterday. I separate my personal opinion from the facts. You can disregard my personal opinion. You can disregard facts. But they are still facts. I said, don't be reactive, be productive, be proactive. A few people have said to me afterward, what did that mean? It happens to me often. Look, this can go on for several months, okay? Nobody can tell you it is four months, six months, eight months, nine months. But it is several months. We all have to now confront that that is a new reality. That is not going to change.

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