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Trump: We're Trying To Reduce The Number Of People That Will Die


At the Tuesday White House coronavirus task force press conference, President Trump spoke about why "flattening the curve" is important to save lives during the pandemic.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: In other words, reduce the number of people that die. That's what we're trying to do. And when you do the steep curve, a lot of people are going to die. A lot of people.

You know, the worst ever, they say: 1918. And I don't have to go into the numbers, but they were unbelievable numbers. Had they known and had they done what we had now, it would have been a very much different story. It would still be tragic, but it would have been a very much different. But that was -- that was the one that people write about. That was an incredible -- that was an incredible pandemic like we haven't seen.

But we have -- we have done something that I hope -- hopefully, we will all have made the right moves. We're all in this together, including you, and we want to see fair press. And I tell you what: It's been -- generally speaking, I think it's been -- it's been a great thing to see.

It's been very, very -- the -- getting along with Democrats, getting along with Republicans, for the Democrats themselves -- there's been a lot of spirit. There's been a lot of things happening that I haven't seen happen in the first almost now three and a half years. It's been very nice to see. That's one of the good things.

But, really, the good thing is we have to knock it out. We have to win. And we want to keep that slope as low as possible because that's a lot of lives in there.

Let's go back there. Somebody that didn't get one. Please, go ahead.

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