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Biden Begins Debate On Coronavirus By Coughing Into His Hand


Former Vice President Joe Biden coughed several times during his first answer at Sunday night's Democratic presidential debate, which was hosted by CNN in a TV studio without an audience due to fears of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: We're in a reality right now that might have seen unimaginable a week ago. Schools have been canceled for more than 25 million students, grocery stores shelves have been cleared out, march madness, NBA games, Disney parks, small businesses, all shut down and just today the CDC issued a new recommendation that for the next eight weeks events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the U.S. be canceled or postponed. What do you say to the American people who are confronting this new reality?

JOE BIDEN: First of all, my heart goes out to those [cough] who have already lost someone or those suffering from the virus. This is bigger than any one of us. This calls for a national rally for everybody move together. And I laid out in detail what I would do were I president today. Go to joebiden.Com. I laid it out in significant detail [cough].

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