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Trump: I Took Coronavirus Test, My Temperature Is "Totally Normal"


President Trump held a coronavirus press briefing Saturday and revealed he has taken the coronavirus test and combats the media narrative that he is sending "mixed messages" by warning about COVID-19 and continuing to shake people's hands.

"Was your temperature normal, Mr. President?" a reporter asked.

"Totally normal," Trump answered. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't."

REPORTER: Mr. President, there are so many people right now that are rushing to Costco. They’re rushing to grocery stores all over the country. They’re filling up their baskets. Is that the right move? Do you think that people should actually be saying, you know, maybe conserve as opposed to buy?

Also, overnight, Apple, sir, they announced that they’re going to be closing all of their stores for two weeks. Do you want to see other retail outlets, restaurants, stuff like that, do the same thing?

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP: I think it’s fine if they do it. I think it’s — frankly, it’s good if they do it. I think what Apple did is fine. And — want to keep people away for a little while. Just keep them away.

Q Well, at Costco —

THE PRESIDENT: And, you know, when it gets better — well, people are going and buying things, and I understand that.

By the way, I had my temperature taken coming into the room.

Q So did we.

THE PRESIDENT: You did? Good.

Q Yes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Let’s compare. Do you want to compare?

Q They did all of us.

Q Yeah.

THE PRESIDENT: Good. We’ll we’re — that means we’re all looking good. You also took — I also took the test last night.

Q You did take the test?

Q You took the test?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. And I decided I should, based on the press conference yesterday. People were asking that I take the test.

Q When will we have the result, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know. Whatever it takes. A day or two days. Whatever — whatever it is. They send it to a lab. But I’ve been —

Q Why did you decide to take it?

Q Sir, you’ve been sending mixed messages —

THE PRESIDENT: Only because the press is going crazy.

Q Mr. President, respectfully, you’ve been sending mixed messages. We watched as you shook hands with people yesterday. You have talked about 5 million tests being available; probably won’t need that many. Has your own sense of urgency evolved? And are you changing what you’re doing?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I’ve been urgent. This is urgent for me, right from the beginning. You know that because I closed up our country to China.

Q But why are you shaking hands, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Because it almost becomes a habit, and you get out of that habit. And, frankly, I was a non-hand-shaker, for the most part. I’ve never believed that shaking hands — once you become a politician. And I notice it too: Political people walk up to me, they want to shake my hand. I said, “Well, you know” —

Q But is it a mixed message, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Just wait a minute. Wait a minute. Just take it nice and easy, okay? Just relax.

People come up to me, they shake hands, they put their hand out. It’s sort of a natural reflex, and we’re all getting out of it. All of us have that problem. Somebody comes up to you, they put their hand out — you probably tend to just shake it. And we’re all getting out of that. Shaking hands is not a great thing to be doing right now, I agree. But people put their hand out. Sometimes I’ll put the hand out. You don’t think about it. People are thinking about it more and more. We have to think about it; it’s important.

Somebody said yesterday I touched the microphone. I was touching it because we have different height people and I’m trying to make it easy for them because they’re going to have to touch, because they wouldn’t be able to reach the mic; they wouldn’t be able to speak in the mic. So I’ll move the mic down. And they said, “Oh, he touched the microphone.” Well, if I don’t touch it, they’re going to have to touch it. Somebody is going to have to, so I might as well be the one to do it.

But, no, we all have to get away from — I mean, getting away from shaking hands is a good thing, and possibly that’s something that comes out of this. Maybe people shouldn’t be shaking hands for the long term because it does transmit flu and other things. You know, we have flu in our country that kills, on average, 36,000 people a year — 36,000 people. And, you know, that’s something that we’re not talking about. But as of this moment, we’ve lost 50 — possibly a little bit less than 50 — but probably 50 people. And we’re going to try and keep that number as low as possible.

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