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CNN's Brianna Keilar and Abby Phillip: Trump Whiffed Last Night, This Was T-Ball For Biden


CNN host Brianna Keilar and CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip analyze Joe Biden's response to President Trump's Oval Office address on coronavirus.

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN HOST: He started by saying this virus has laid bare the shortcomings of this administration. He went through them: the hollowing out of agencies, he said the disparaging of science, the damage to the credibility and relationships around the world. Just sort of the big picture here, the president last night, he kind of whiffed at his chance to convince Americans that he has a plan to deal with the spread of the virus here domestically and he just set the stage for Joe Biden to walk on in and look presidential.

ABBY PHILLIP, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It seemed very much last night that what President Trump thought what he needed to do is rebrand this crisis by calling this something different, saying that this is a foreign virus and trying to kind of frame it as against them kind of way...

According to reporting, he was looking to do something big and when he's looking to do something big, he tends to kind of gear toward immigration or travel-related restrictions but what the American public and the markets were looking for was some kind of plan. What is the plan for getting testing to be more widespread in the country? What is the plan to build hospital capacity in the country? What is the plan for containing this virus that is already here? What you saw Joe Biden do was something that would have been very easy for President Trump to do in his speech as well which is just simply to layout what are your proposals to get this done? Put them on the table. This was really t-ball for Joe Biden.

It was not hard for him to have done that and it was made particularly easy because last night even while reading from a teleprompter President Trump gave a speech that was riddled with falsehoods about what his own proposals were and what his situation actually would be for the American people

It was just a huge missed opportunity and he laid the door wide open for Joe Biden and later today for Bernie Sanders.

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