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Carville: Remember, Remember, It's All About November


Famed politico James Carville reminds Democrats (ad Sanders supporters) that politics is about winning elections.

JAMES CARVILLE: Well, I think what happened is let's just take Medicare For All. Many Democrats might agree with it. But it was concluded that this was an electoral illusion and that ended it.

We're in a unique time, unlike anything I've ever seen in American politics where the desire to beat the incumbent, trumps ideology or anything else, this is something that is new.

And as Nicole points out, Joe Biden had no campaign, the stuff we would do: organize events and have a headquarters and phone bank people and contacts out, get the voting contacts up, none of that.

As soon as South Carolina, as soon as James Clyburn dropped the hammer, and the votes result in South Carolina, look what happened in northern Virginia, look what happened in Wade County, North Carolina. All of a sudden all these educated white women were voting like crazy for the Democrats because they’re saying hey, "That’s the guy who could win the election. He’s got the support of the base of the Democratic Party so this is where we're going."

They weren’t looking at his nuanced position or what he voted in 1994 or anything like that.

It was just, on a macro sense, this is what’s happening in American Politics: I have never seen this happen in all of my time in politics where it is driven by just a desire to win the election. Remember, remember, it’s all about November.

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