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AOC At Sanders Rally: "We Are David" Against Goliaths Of Fossil Fuel, Big Pharma, Big Money In Politics


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke at a Bernie Sanders rally on Monday in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ: In 1984, Rev. Jackson delivered a speech known as the "David and Goliath" speech. And he said, "It is time for a new course, a new coalition of new leadership, a choice, a chance.

This was his analysis back in 1984: That Reagan won not by genius, he won while we were asleep. He won by the margin of despair. He won by the fracture of our coalition. By the margin of racial division, he won by default. Does that sound familiar, Michigan?

And he closed with the story of a little shepherd boy named David, where everyone was scared of Goliath.

Michigan, we have Goliaths in our country today. The Goliath of the fossil fuels industry. The Goliath of Big Pharma. The Goliath of the role of Big Money in politics. These are powerful forces and we are David. We are David.

David, all of us, the little guys, what David had to do before he confronted Goliath, was to shed his unnecessary clothes. This is something I was us to recognize, this moment that we're in on the eve of Tuesday. What we have to shed in order to grow. In order for our movement to grow, in order for us to win, we have to grow. We must be inclusive and bring more people into our movement. We must shed the unnecessary clothes of cynicism and exclusion, and we must turn towards an embracing posture where all people are welcome into a peoples' movement...

I want to leave you with a story. As Rev. Jackson was running, he came to the state of Michigan and he won. He won the state of Michigan, and at this point, some of the most powerful conservative parts of the party really began to panic.

And then shortly after Michigan came several more caucuses. And there was a mayor of a small city called Burlington, Vermont, in 1984, who had won a shocking victory to the mayoral seat. And it was time for the Vermont caucuses to come around. And Mayor Sanders stood up to break with the common consensus and endorse Rev. Jesse Jackson for president. He stood up and delivered that speech in the Vermont caucuses. He was yelled at, he was hit, but he said this is our opportunity to bring millions of working people into our political process and transform who American can work for.

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