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Trump on Biden and Ukraine: "That Will Be A Major Issue In The Campaign, I Will Bring That Up All The Time"


Trump criticized members in the Democratic party for not going after Biden over Ukrainian corruption, noting they were probably told: "you can't bring that up."

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS:  Let me ask you, because we now know that there is a corruption issue, and there is an investigation officially in the country of Ukraine as it relates to Joe Biden, who said, you’ve got six hours, you’re not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my zero-experience son, Hunter being paid millions.
After all you went through, and now that you see Ron Johnson in the Senate, and you see Ukraine investigating this issue -- and then the other countries such as China that Peter writes about in great detail, that Hunter, again, no experience, making tons of money.
Do -- it has to be a campaign issue, how do you plan to use it? Or do you plan to use it?
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP:  Well, to show you how crazy it is, it’s not a campaign issue for the Democrats. They don’t want to bring it up. They were obviously told you can’t bring that up.
So even people that are against -- if you look at Joe, they’re against Joe. They don’t want to bring that up. That was off-bounds.
I watch certain reporters say that this is totally unsubstantiated, and were sorry to even ask you a question -- Anderson Cooper -- then he asks a question at one of the debates, and it was so mild, and a ridiculous answer is given, because there is no answer to it -- of course it’s corrupt. And so, he gives a really bad answer.
And they go into the next question. Nobody says anything, the other people that are running trying to beat him don’t bring it up. That wouldn’t happen with the Republicans, I can tell you. I’m not saying good, bad, or indifferent, but that certainly wouldn’t happen with the Republicans.
And you know, it’s incredible. That will be a major issue in the campaign. I will bring that up all the time, because I don’t see any way out. I don’t see any way -- for them, I don’t see how they can answer those questions. And maybe they can. I hope they can.
I’d actually prefer it that they can. But I don’t believe they’ll be able to answer those questions. That was purely corrupt.
HANNITY:  Any thoughts in your mind why you think Barack Obama has not endorsed his vice president of eight years?
TRUMP:  Well, I would say because he didn’t think he could make it. He didn’t think he had a shot at it. You know, he’s dealing with people that I didn’t rate the highest on the political scale.
I know everybody. And I look at -- even a party. I know people that are Democrats that are far above what you’re watching. I watched one night. And I looked at the cast of characters. I said, this is -- 350 million people. And this is the best we can do? I don’t think so.
I will tell you, I know some Democrats that would blow all of those Democrats away. But they didn’t run. Maybe they just didn’t want to run against me. I’ve heard that. Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not -- makes me feel good. But they didn’t want -- they’re going to wait -- they’re going to wait for another four years.
But you have some Democrats that are very impressive. This is not a group that I think was very impressive at all.

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