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Klobuchar: I'm The Only One Who Has The "Receipts" For Gun Control Legislation


CBS NEWS: Each of the seven Democratic candidates made their case for why they are the strongest on gun control. Bernie Sanders defended his record while admitting his vote to shield gun manufacturers from legal consequences was wrong. Elizabeth Warren stressed the need to get rid of the filibuster to help push gun control through Congress. Watch their remarks here from the CBS News Democratic debate from Charleston, South Carolina.

BLOOMBERG: I--I think she recognized me thank you. I have a 6 million person organization around this country. Moms Demand Action in every town. We have put background checks--


We have got background checks in 20 states so you can do it. It is Congress that can't seem to do it and I don't know why we think they are going to do it. The--me--the vice president voted for a death Bill and--and supported the NRA and certainly Senator Sanders has supported the NRA but we can do this. We have just got to stop talking about it.

KLOBUCHAR: But the way we do it--the way we do it is having someone leading the ticket from a part of the country that we actually need the vote. So I have long supported the assault weapon ban. I am the author of the bill to close the boyfriend loophole that says that domestic abusers can go out and get an AK-47.

BIDEN: I wrote that law.

KLOBUCHAR: That bill along with--


You didn't write that bill.

BIDEN: I did write that bill.

KLOBUCHAR: I wrote that Bill.

BIDEN: I wrote the bill, the Violence Against Women Act that took--

KLOBUCHAR: Okay, you did that.

BIDEN: --out of the hands of people who abuse--

KLOBUCHAR: Okay, we will have a fact check look at this.

BIDEN: No, let's look at the fact check.

KLOBUCHAR: Oh, my goodness.

BIDEN: The only thing that the boyfriend loophole was--is--was not covered. I couldn't get that covered, you in fact when you were--back as a are tried to get it and Mitch O'Connell is holding up on his desk right now and we are going to lose the Violence Against Women Act across the board.

KLOBUCHAR: Okay, so if I could finish. I have the bill, anyone can check it out, to close the boyfriend loophole, also to close the Charleston loophole is another bill that is out there, universal background checks but let me say how we win this. We have got to win in the middle of the country and while everyone talks about winning rural areas, suburban areas I am the only one up here with the receipts that has actually repeatedly while being for the assault weapons ban won in Republican congressional districts over and over again including Michelle Bachmann's district so having--

O'DONNELL: Thank you.

KLOBUCHAR: --someone that can leave the ticket, back can bring people with her is the way you get gun safety legislation.

O'DONNELL: Senator Klobuchar--

KLOBUCHAR: I look at these proposals and say do they hurt my uncle Dick in the deer stand? They do not.

O'DONNELL: Time has expired.

KLOBUCHAR: So coming from a proud hunting state and still being able to pass this--

O'DONNELL: All right.

KLOBUCHAR: --legislation is--

O'DONNELL: Senator Klobuchar thank you.

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