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Tucker Carlson: Roger Stone Sentence Due To "Authoritarianism Of A Democratic Activist Wearing Robes"


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Roger Stone received 40 months in prison today. If he serves the sentence, he’ll be over 70 when he gets out. For perspective, that’s more than many murderers in this country serve in jail. But Stone’s crime wasn’t murder. The official charge was lying about the existence of emails that were themselves completely legal. His actual crime was spending 40 years giving political advice to Donald Trump, and then gleefully mocking the people in charge. They hate him for that. So does CNN. Jeff Zucker’s hyenas spent the day salivating over Stone’s destruction and, as always, running interference for the corrupt power structure:
Shimon Prokupecz, CNN Crime and Justice Correspondent: In the end you saw a judge standing up for the rule of law, standing up for the justice system, standing up for prosecutors who have come under attack by the president. She herself was threatened by Roger stone ... And also in the end she was defending prosecutors, standing up for the rule of law, talking about how this was about a cover-up for the president. Roger Stone did this and covered up these crimes of lying and obstruction and intimidating a witness all in an effort to help the president.
Stone’s sentence was delivered by an Obama-appointed judge called Amy Berman Jackson. You often hear people complain that our justice system has been infected by politics. Amy Berman Jackson is living proof that it has been. She is an open partisan, who has so flagrantly violated the bounds of constitutional law and fairness, it’s shocking she’s still on the bench. If there’s anyone in Washington who deserves to be impeached, it’s Amy Berman Jackson.

During the Mueller investigation, she placed both Rick Gates and Paul Manafort under house arrest pending their trials. Both were older men with no criminal history. Neither was a flight risk. Meanwhile, at this very moment, countless violent predators in New York and California walk free without even posting bail. Jackson wanted to punish Gates and Manafort, before they’d even been convicted. Ultimately, she revoked Manafort’s bail, and placed him in solitary confinement.

But Jackson has reserved her real fury for Roger Stone. At sentencing today, she declared that Stone, quote, “was prosecuted for covering up for the president.”

CNN let the claim pass without comment. Everyone else was baffled. It’s totally untrue. Nobody connected to the president has ever been charged with a crime related to spying for Russia, or colluding with Russia, much less convicted of one. Stone wasn’t prosecuted for “covering up” anything. That wasn’t the charge. That’s not what he was sentenced for. Jackson knows this. She lied about it. In other words, here you have a federal judge, lying about the case before her. Scary? Yes it is.

Roger Stone’s entire journey into Kafka — partisan prosecutors, partisan jury foreman, partisan judge couldn’t have been more fraudulent or dishonest. It’s hard to believe it happened in America — or that our ruling class is applauding it. That ought to worry everyone who cares about equal justice. If they can do this to Roger Stone, and win accolades from CNN, they can certainly do it to you. Maybe someday, they will.  
Stone hasn’t reported to prison yet. He’d be on this show right now to respond, but he can no longer speak in public. Amy Berman Jackson has revoked his First Amendment rights. The entire Democratic Party and their servants in the press can defame Stone at will, and they are relentlessly. But if Stone dares to express his own opinion, Amy Berman Jackson will send him to jail. She has banned him from speaking publicly about his case in any capacity. He can’t tweet or write on Facebook. He can’t go on television. He can’t speak to reporters. He can’t even express himself indirectly. If Stone asked a friend or family member to deliver a statement on his behalf, he’d be violating Jackson’s order.

We won’t say “violating the law” here, because it’s not law. No judge can abolish freedom of speech. It’s the capricious authoritarianism of a Democratic activist wearing robes. It’s terrifying. And it’s being done purely for political ends. Already, CNN has made a graphic explaining how Stone’s prison sentence proves the president is a criminal. You could have predicted that. In fact, we did. Enough. This farce must end. The president should pardon Stone immediately. Trump’s voters know that at some point, they could be where Roger Stone is. This is a horrifying precedent. It can’t be allowed to stand. 

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