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Symone Sanders: Whatever Happens In New Hampshire, Biden Is Still In This Race


Biden campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders told CNN Monday morning that no matter the outcome of the New Hampshire primary tomorrow, Biden will not quit the race:

CNN, JOHN BERMAN: Why is the senior adviser to the Biden campaign in South Carolina the night before the New Hampshire primary?

SYMONE SANDERS, BIDEN CAMPAIGN: Well, John, always great to talk to you. I am in the great state of South Carolina meeting with some of our folks down here. We have some events coming up this week.

Look, John, we are here to tell you that whatever happens on Tuesday, Vice President Biden will still be in this race. He had a fiery and forceful performance at the debate. Then he went on that weekend to have a weekend full of events in New Hampshire. We are still in this race, John. We do believe we will be competitive. Again, regardless of what happens, we believe and we have said for a long time that this race absolutely runs through Nevada, South Carolina, and Super Tuesday. It would be a mistake for the media to try to count Joe Biden out before other folks in this party had their chance in this race.

JOHN BERMAN: What should it tell voters that you are telling me that no matter what happens tomorrow you will still be in this race? Why do you need to tell voters you will still be in this race?

SYMONE SANDERS: Good question, John. Because so many people are asking.

I've fielded questions from folks in the press all weekend about what happens on Tuesday. Will Vice President Biden have the resources he needs? I'm here to tell you unequivocally, yes, he will. We know it's going to be a fight. The day after Iowa, we came to New Hampshire for a week full of events. VP Biden and Dr. Biden were in town. We had a number of surrogates in town this weekend speaking with voters.

We're going to fight for this, John. We know it's going to be a hard-fought battle. But the reality is that since 1992, the Democratic nominee in this party has been the person who has been able to garner a substantial amount of votes from African-American voters. You just don't get those votes out of just Iowa and New Hampshire. So we're here to say this process does continue.

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