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Biden on Trump: "This Guy Is Obsessed With Me, He Should Be With Good Reason Because I Will Beat Him"


Former Vice President Joe Biden talks about his future in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary and why President Trump should be "obsessed" with him in an interview Monday night with CNN's Don Lemon.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: You think South Carolina’s a firewall. And that’s going to -- you can’t win the nomination without having black support. 

But what has changed among white voters in the Democratic Party that has put you at a disadvantage? Especially in New Hampshire and Iowa.
BIDEN: Well, what hasn’t changed is white working class voters. That hasn’t changed. People are struggling. Look. Both New Hampshire and in Iowa, there’s a strong liberal base of college-educated folks. And they're good people. They're good people.
LEMON: Let’s talk about impeachment, because the whole impeachment thing was around -- basically around you.
LEMON: And what the president asked Ukraine to do regarding your son.
LEMON:  Rudy Giuliani -- they’re saying, the DOJ is saying Rudy Giuliani -- the Attorney General, that’s right -- Rudy Giuliani is funneling information to them.
Are they using the Justice Department to try to justify what he did with Ukraine? Or try to get information on you?
BIDEN: Well, they can get all the information they want on me. Every single person under oath in his administration who testified before the House said Biden was clean as a whistle. Biden did his job. Biden has great integrity -- on down the line. Now he’s firing them one-by-one after they testified under oath.
Nobody, nobody, including Ukrainians have suggested -- and you send a man of great stature like Rudy Giuliani, to dig up dirt? Come on.
LEMON: The day after he was acquitted by the Senate, they want your son’s travel records from the Secret Service. What is going on?

BIDEN: What’s going on, he’s – look, he’s definitely afraid to face me. Have you ever -- you can’t answer it, I know, but it’s a rhetorical question. Have you ever seen a sitting president spend as much time, money and effort -- including risking being impeached and thrown out of office -- to decide to eliminate one of his potential opponents in a primary? I mean, that are running in a primary for the general election?
This guy is obsessed with me. He should be with good reason, because I will beat him.

Lemon asks Biden about dropping out:

LEMON: So to the folks who are -- who are saying, Okay, his campaign is over. You know, there are folks -- people are out there saying, he’s going to drop out, there’s no way he can do it.
BIDEN: Who, me?
LEMON: Yes, you. And for the American people who are, who may be skeptical saying, I don’t know what’s happening with Biden. What do you say to them?
BIDEN: What I say to them, look what’s happening -- and just since Iowa. We’ve got -- we’ve been averaging $350,000 a day online contributions. We just got endorsed by the Michigan Black Caucus.
I never spoke to them -- the State Legislative Black Caucus. Two dozen people I didn’t even know in the state of Rhode Island, governors in Alabama and in Tennessee, and so on.
I mean, I’ve gotten more -- four unions have come forward, major unions -- since then in endorsements.
LEMON: So you’re not having any money issues?
BIDEN: No. I don’t --
LEMON: And you’re not going anywhere?
BIDEN: I’m not going anywhere.
LEMON:  You’re a fighter.
BIDEN: I’m in this to the end. And I believe I’m going to win this nomination. I really do.
LEMON: Thank you, Mr. Vice President.
BIDEN: Thanks, pal.
LEMON: I appreciate it.
BIDEN: Thank you.

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