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Buttigieg On Biden Attack: I'm Not Obama And "Neither Is He"


Pete Buttigieg on Sunday had a snappy response to former Vice President Joe Biden's recent attack saying the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana is not Barack Obama: "Neither is he."

"He's right, I'm not" Barack Obama, Buttigieg told CNN's "State of the Union Monday morning in response to an attack ad and comments Saturday from the Biden campaign.

"This guy's not a Barack Obama," Biden reportedly said about Buttigieg Saturday at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

"And neither is he. Neither is any of us running for president," Buttigieg told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday.

Buttigieg also spoke about the disputed results of last week's Iowa caucus.

Buttigieg responds to Joe Biden saying that he is “no Barack Obama”:

PETE BUTTIGIEG: Well, it's a typical political attack.

And it's too bad, because so many communities, communities like mine in South Bend, we know that we might look small from the perspective of Washington, but, to us, it's what's going on in Washington that looks so small and small-minded.

And communities, whether they're my size, or rural communities, or even neighborhoods in our biggest cities that feel completely left behind, are frustrated with being made into a punchline by Washington politicians. ..

Well, he's right. I'm not. And neither is he. Neither is any of us running for president. And this isn't 2008. It's 2020. And we are in a new moment, calling for a different kind of leadership. Look, we are facing the most disruptive president in modern times. And I don't think the same playbook that helped us get here is going to work against him.

We're also facing the most divisive president in modern times, which is why I'm equally concerned about a message that says, if you're not either -- if you're not for revolution, you must be for the status quo, because I think that leaves most people out. I'm building a campaign that's about calling as many people as possible in, standing together to make sure that we not only defeat Donald Trump, but face the issues that our country is going to be confronting.

I mean, look at what's going to be on the next president's desk, not just the conventional issues that we have been dealing with all along, but cybersecurity challenges, election security attacks, global health security concerns like -- like pandemics, and, here at home, an economy that's being transformed by forces from automation, to the gig economy changing what it is to be a worker. We're going to have a lot to deal with. And the only way to get it done is to do it together.

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