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Chris Matthews: "Regular People" Liked Trump SOTU, "People Where I Came From Will Like The Speech"


MSNBC host Chris Matthews reacted to President Trump's 2020 State of the Union address, calling it a speech that "regular people" will like. Matthews, a native of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, said people where he came from will like the speech.

Matthews said Trump's talk of acting Venezuelan President Juan Guaido was an attempt to go after Bernie Sanders and socialism. Matthews said Trump was telling viewers the U.S. is not open to Latin American socialism, a message that Speaker Nancy Pelosi applauded. The MSNBC host said we don't like those leaders, but Bernie Sanders does.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I think people where I came from will like the speech tonight. I think regular people will -- they'll see the schmaltz, the corniness, they'll see it but they'll like it. Because it's all good stuff, whatever purpose it had.

I watched Pelosi because I really respect her like most of us do. And I watched very -- the way she calibrated when to stand, when to applaud. It was almost entirely the tributes to people, individual people. She always felt that was the right thing to do. Especially Juan Guaido. I'm telling you, Trump set up the fight and he laid down the gauntlet tonight about him and Bernie. It's as if he was following Bernie's vote in Iowa yesterday.

And there he is going after Guaido, going after socialism, obviously tying all socialism to the kind we really don't like, the tyrannical socialism of the Latin Americans like Castro. He's saying, this is going to be my enemy, great, I'm ready to fight. I thought that was interesting. Pelosi stood up and applauded that. She knew where this country stands. We don't like those leaders. And Bernie does. And that's a problem for him.

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