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Trump: Elizabeth Warren Is Not Going To Be The Nominee, "Too Many Yarns"


President Trump talks about impeachment and the 2020 race in an interview with FOX News' Peter Doocy prior to his campaign rally in Des Moines.

PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS:  Speaking of health care -- coronavirus. How concerned are you? And do you believe what China is telling us about how bad it is?
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP:  Well, what I’m doing is we’re dealing very closely with China. We’ll be making certain announcements over the next 24 hours and 48 hours.
And we are in great shape. China is not in great shape right now, unfortunately. But they’re working very hard. We’ll see what happens. But we’re working very closely with China and other countries.
DOOCY:  Elizabeth Warren this week was trying to maybe place some blame with you and say, if there weren’t for some budget cuts, we wouldn’t have an outbreak like this. What do you say to that?
TRUMP:  Well, she’s -- look, she’s Pocahontas for a reason. I mean, she’s a disaster. She wants to have something where she takes away free speech, and she’s the one that really violates it more than anybody, when you look at all the yarns that she’s told.
She’s failing. She’s failing in the polls. Whether it’s Biden or Bernie or somebody, it’s not going to be Elizabeth Warren and -- too many yarns.

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