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Sen. Hirono: We Are Witnessing "The Coronation Of President Trump As King"


Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) reacts to the end of the Trump impeachment hearing question phase ahead of the a critical vote on whether impeachment witnesses will be allowed.

"What they really are afraid of is this president unfettered without a conviction means that he's going to be doing a lot more stuff that will subject him to impeachment because that is what this guy is," Hirono said of the Trump defense team. "He believes he is king now. I think our country is in great danger."

Hirono made similar comments at a press conference Thursday:

HIRONO: Well, clearly if we actually get the fourth vote so that we overcome the--the--the--the vote that we have to take whether or not to even have witnesses. If we have the fourth vote there, then there'll be motions to call certain people for witnesses, and we'll debate those motions. We won't. It will be our managers and the Trump team. And then we shall see.

But the critical vote is, in my view, going to be on whether or not we should even have witnesses. I think it's really a sad day when you can only find three courageous Republicans to say that what--what is happening is wrong and that you can't have a president running around thinking he's--he is the king. And this is why I say we are witnessing in the last several days the coronation of President Trump as king. And he loves it.

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