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Dershowitz: Nadler And Schiff's Standard "Could Put Joe Biden In Jail"


Trump legal team member Alan Dershowitz responds to attacks from media after his impeachment defense at the Senate trial.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: [I]f you have mixed motives, if you are in the public interest, and you’re trying to help the public, but you’re also trying to get re-elected, according to Schiff and Nadler, that’s a crime. If you have any inkling of motive to help yourself get re-elected, they call that corrupt, and they say, even a tiny amount of motive to help yourself makes you into a criminal and makes you impeachable. And I turned to all the senators, and I said, everybody in this room, every senator, every politician everywhere always has one eye toward re-election, another eye toward the public interest. They almost always think it’s the same. They also think their own election is in the public interest. You can’t make that an impeachable offense.

The same theory could have — could put Joe Biden in jail. If somebody could claim that 99% of Biden’s motivation in getting the prosecutor fired was the public interest and preventing corruption, but 1%, in the back of his mind, he was thinking, maybe this could help my son a little bit. Because he works for the company that’s being investigated, according to Nadler and Schiff, that would be enough. According to Nadler and Schiff, Lincoln gets impeached.

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