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Biden: Welcome To Donald Trump's World, "Everything Is Through The Looking Glass"


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said we are through the looking glass in Donald Trump's world at a campaign speech on Thursday. Biden, referencing the 2018 campaign season, said he has already gone "one round" with Trump and that he "beat him like a drum"

"This is a president who laughs at, insults, demeans, and demonizes other people," former Vice President Biden said to a crowd of roughly 275 people. "He’s more a bully than a president."

"Welcome to Donald Trump's world. Up is down. Lies are the truth. Allies are enemies. Everything is through the looking glass," Biden said.

"Look, Trump and I have already gone one round with each other on health care," he said. "In 2018, I went into 24 states for 65 candidates. I took on Trump all over the country, and we beat him. In fact, we beat him like a drum."

Biden chastised Trump for not understanding "the science" behind climate change and scolded him for attacking climate sensation Greta Thunberg while the rest of the world was applauding her.

"We're not only going to win the presidency but in the process we'll win a majority in the United States Senate as well," Biden promised. "I look forward to debating Donald Trump on the single most important issue facing the world: climate change."

"He doesn’t understand the science," the candidate continued. "He doesn’t believe what’s happening. He refuses to admit the problem exists. While the rest of the world applauded Greta Thunberg for her courage and leadership when she was named Time’s Person of the Year – all Trump could do was seethe over losing the cover on Time Magazine."

"Instead of applauding the courage of that bright young woman, the president of the United States choose to attack a teenager," Biden lamented.

Watch Biden's full speech:

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