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Jared Kushner: Palestinians Have Perfect Track Record Of Blowing Every Opportunity They've Had In Their Past


CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, CNN HOST: OK, so Jared, this is a huge day for you, for the president, and let’s face it, for Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies and supporters. We know that they believe this to be a great deal because they’ve said it -- he has said it from the podium.
But I want to pick up on what the president said, that he wanted to make this a win/win deal, including for the Palestinians.
Can you tell me -- sort of lay out precisely where you think the win is for the Palestinians? The precise details.
JARED KUSHNER, SENIOR ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Perfect. Well, first of all, I’d like to say that today was a big accomplishment for President Trump, something that only he could have done. He met yesterday with Prime Minister Netanyahu, but also with General Gantz, his opponent, in a time of very divisive politics in Israel, where they can’t agree on much. He brought the country together on what has been the most divisive issue.
What he’s also done is we’ve released an 80-page, detailed plan. In the past plans, you had the Arab Peace Initiative, which is a very good effort, which is about eight lines, and then you had past proposals which were two to three pages of wordsmith documents, really talking about high principles.
He also got Israel to agree, for the first time, to a state and he got Israel to agree to a map.
So what you’ve seen today is that President Trump’s built a lot of trust with the State of Israel. He’s done a lot of great things that have made Israel more secure and the relationship between America and Israel stronger.
And what he’s been able to do today is deliver for the Palestinians a pathway to a state, a contiguous territory and conditions where they can earn their way to their independence, their dignity. All these different things along with a $50 billion economic plan that could make them a very, very thriving state in the future.
So it’s a big opportunity for the Palestinians, and you know, they have a perfect track record of blowing every opportunity they’ve had in their past, but perhaps maybe their leadership will read the details of it, stop posturing and do what’s best to try to make the Palestinian people’s lives better.

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