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FOX's Katie Pavlich and Chris Wallace Spar Over Impeachment Trial Witness Rules: "Get Your Facts Straight"


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and editor Katie Pavlich had a heated moment Monday afternoon debating whether or not additional witnesses should be allowed to testify during the Senate impeachment trial. Calls for former national security advisor John Bolton to testify from Democrats and even a few Republicans have intensified since excerpts of his forthcoming book were published by the New York Times on Saturday.

Pavlich argued that Republicans should be allowed to deny Democrats the right to call witnesses during the trial because during the Clinton administration the House did all of the investigative work before sending articles to the Senate. Wallace said there is no rule saying they have to do it that way, asking: "So we just shouldn't listen to what John Bolton has to say?"

KATIE PAVLICH, TOWNHALL.COM: I want to go back to the senators even talking about for days now, who the managers are trying to convince to vote for witnesses. Senators like Susan Collins, for example, are weighing two things: Bringing witnesses more information they don't have, given the news, but also maintaining the dignity and the integrity of the Senate and the role of the Senate. The Senate is not the House. The House did not come with a complete case, and every impeachment beforehand, the witnesses that were called had been called in the House before being brought to the Senate. So there are questions here about the process --

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS: That's not true, they had been called in the House, in the Clinton impeachment they'd been called by the general independent counsel. They have not been called by the House --

PAVLICH: After an extensive Justice Department investigation--

WALLACE: I understand, but what you're saying is just wrong--

PAVLICH: That is very different than the witnesses called in the investigation --

WALLACE: It wasn't a Justice Department investigation.

PAVLICH: Let me finish, before the articles were sent to the House, the Justice Department investigation and the grand jury material in the Clinton impeachment were handed to the House as part of the articles and given to the Senate. They were not given after the House voted for those articles. That is the difference. The process here does matter.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: As the senators make their way, final thoughts here, Chris?

WALLACE: I just want to pick up on this, because Katie, what you’re saying just isn’t true.


WALLACE: Let me finish. You asked me to. The fact of the matter was the whistleblower information was given to the Inspector General, who gave it to the Justice Department and the Justice Department decided not to investigate and that is why it went to the House. So to say in the Clinton investigation, these people who were interviewed by the House — one, they weren’t — and to say that it wasn’t done by the Justice Department… It wasn’t done because the Justice Department refused to carry out the investigation! Get your facts straight.

BAIER: Okay, let's tone it down.

PAVLICH: The point is that all the information that the grand jury in the Clinton investigation, all the witnesses the House wanted to call, that the Justice Department called in the Clinton case, were done before the articles were voted on and put over to the Senate. That is not what has happened here. The House voted on incomplete information and give it to the Senate and now they are saying the Senate should call additional witnesses who have not been called before and who were not part of the House evidence --

WALLACE: So we just shouldn't listen to what John Bolton has to say?

PAVLICH: I'm not taking a side, Chris. I'm not saying both and should or should not testify. I amd simply talking about what senators are saying and whether they should go with the process..

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