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Graham: In Two Hours, Trump's Defense Team Destroyed A Narrative Democrats Created In 21 Hours


On "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo, Sen. Lindsey Graham spoke about how he found the president's legal team's first day of presentation on Saturday and discussed a potential vote to call witnesses during the Senate impeachment trial.

"What happened yesterday," he said. "Was in two hours in the Senate the president's defense team destroyed the narrative created in 21 hours regarding process and substance."

He also said: "I am stunned to hear from the House managers that they want the Senate to call witnesses now [that] they could have called before."

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: I said early on I thought the first day the House managers were articulate, they were prepared. They created a compelling narrative, a tapestry regarding process and substance.

And I asked then, publicly, will it withstand scrutiny? When it came to removing the president, their arguments became very political, very shrill, and while Adam Schiff did a good job of presenting the facts, and at times with the law, when it came to removing the president he has to go right now, more audition of a future Senate run than it was compelling. What happened yesterday, in two hours in the Senate the president's defense team destroyed the narrative created in 21 hours regarding process and substance.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Let's talk about process and substance. Why the process? Tell me that.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, the House managers told us on the floor of the United States Senate President Trump got a better deal from the House than Nixon or Clinton, and here's what the response was. Not so. They impeached the president in 78 days, President Trump.

Imagine, 78 days to remove the president of the United States from office, nullify the 2016 election, take him off the ballot in 2020. Do you think 78 days is proper consideration of something this grave? 71 of the 78 days the president was denied the ability to call witnesses on his behalf, cross-examine witnesses, present evidence.

So the Nixon impeachment lasted for years. He went to the Supreme Court. The Clinton investigation lasted for four 1/2 years, so the defense was able to tell the Senate that all the due process given Nixon and Clinton did not exist with Trump. Then they made the most stunning of all arguments, they impeached the president of the united states in 78 days, why? Because they wanted to get it over by Christmas. Why didn't they pursue witness in the House? That would require court action, that would delay their goal of impeaching him before the election. I think that is devastating to the House managers.

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