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Darrell Issa: Republicans Didn't Try And Impeach Obama Over "Fast And Furious"


Former Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, explains why the House did not try to impeach then-President Obama over Fast and Furious to FOX News host Tucker Carlson. Issa said the difference between the House under Republicans and the House under Democrats is they would have gone to court over something the Democrats would impeach for.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Fast and Furious. that was the scandal in which the Obama administration allowed a flood of illegal firearms into Mexico, the result being that people were murdered. That's not speculation or conspiracy theory that happened. Was there an active effort to impeach President Obama over that?

FMR. REP. DARRELL ISSA (R-CA): Not at all. We held the Attorney General in contempt. We went to court. We got a judge, oddly enough, appointed by President Obama to agree with us and eventually we got the documents. Certainly, I would have liked to have gotten the documents faster. But there is a process in America which is if the two branches of government disagree about the discoverability of something, you go to the court and you get it resolved. This administration has been no different than the last administration for claiming from time to time privilege. The difference is they have gone into impeachment over what we would have otherwise gone to court over.

CARLSON: Just to be clear to viewers. There is not an attempt to excuse away wrongdoing by anybody, if it occurred. It's an attempt to make a point that this is departure from the way things operate. You're watching the destruction of our institutions. This is a massive change, correct?

ISSA: In the case of fast and furious, when we did get those documents where President Obama had claimed executive privilege, thousands of them did not -- not only didn't fall under privilege but they pulled back their claim of privilege meaning the president wrongly used executive privilege to deny us documents for more than a year. Certainly we could have said let's impeach him. But that's not historically what we do. What we do is let the people of America decide in the next election.

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