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Rep. Jim Jordan: If Dems Want Impeachment Witnesses, "We Would Love To Hear From The Whistleblower"


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) encouraged the Senate to dismiss the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump "because all the facts and all the truth is on the president's side." Jordan said Democrats will never stop going after Trump and that impeachment really started on July 31, 2016 when the FBI opened an investigation into the campaign.

The Ohio Congressman said if Democrats want witnesses at the Senate impeachment trial then they have to have both sides and Republicans "would love" to hear from the whistleblower.

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX & FRIENDS HOST: But, it's not happening. It seems like Senator Lamar Alexander, Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney are going to vote for witnesses. Having said that --
JORDAN: If needed.
KILMEADE: -- yes, that means witnesses, let’s go. And if there are witnesses, even though the president said, I want a quick -- I just want an in and out situation, should the president -- should Mitch McConnell take the risk of bringing in Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and having this thing go a long time?
JORDAN: Well, you can't just let the Democrats get the witnesses they want. I mean, we've already had the most unfair process I've ever seen on the House side. Republicans weren't given subpoena authority. The president had no due process. He couldn't cross examine witnesses. Adam Schiff prevented witnesses from answering Republican questions during deposition.
So, we've had the most unfair process I've ever seen. You can't go to the Senate and say, oh, we're only going to let the Democrats get the witnesses they want. If they move -- I hope they don't do that. Again, all the facts are on the president's side, I hope they dismiss this and we get an acquittal right away.
But if they go to witnesses, you're going to have to have both sides, and we would love to hear from the whistleblower. Remember, 435 members of the House. Only one member, Adam Schiff, only one member knows who the whistleblower is. Only one member's staff got to talk to the whistleblower and yet that's the individual who's put our country through four months of this.
So, if you're going to have witnesses, you're going to have to open it up for both sides and have a -- have a real fair process at that point. But, again, I hope this thing gets acquitted and gets dismissed right from the -- right from the get-go and we'll see how that -- how that all plays out.
EARHARDT: When you flip around and you watch all the different networks, what do you -- what's your reaction when you see the media's obsession with impeachment?
JORDAN: Yes, the truth still wins in the end. I mean, the truth still wins. Look, every single Republican voted against the Articles of Impeachment. One Democrat voted with us. One Democrat voted present, and a third Democrat voted with us and switched parties. So, the truth still wins in the end.
And just understand though, it's never going to stop. These guys are going to go after this president forever, because they don't like the president, and they don't like any of us who support the president.
And it didn't even start with Ukraine. Impeachment started before this guy was president. Impeachment started on July 31, 2016, when the FBI opened up an investigation and spied on four American citizens associated with the Trump campaign. And everything they did for that two and a half years until we finally got to Ukraine.
So, this is never going to end. It started before he was president. And remember what Congressman Al Green said, the day that we were getting ready to start the mark up in the Judiciary Committee last month, Al Green said, if the Senate doesn't acquit, it will not end.
So, we just understand that this is where the left is, this is where the Democrats are, but the truth always prevails, and that's what you're seeing play out here.
DOOCY: And we've heard some Democrats say that, well, you know nothing's stopping us from impeaching him again. But ultimately, Congressman Jordan, has this backfired on the Democrats?
JORDAN: Well, yes. Because like I said, facts and truth win out in the -- in the long run. I think it has. Nancy Pelosi, on September 24th -- remember, she calls a press conference before the call transcript's even public, and says we're going to proceed with an impeachment investigation, impeachment inquiry.
She never expected every single Republican in the House to vote no. She never expected to have a Democrat vote with us, another Democrat vote present and a third Democrat vote with us and switch parties.
DOOCY: Right.
JORDAN: So, of course it's backfired on them, because the American people understand facts, they understand truth, and they understand that the president did nothing wrong. And furthermore, they appreciate what the president's doing in spite of the relentless attack from the left.

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