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Donna Brazile: Bernie Sanders Is The Democratic Frontrunner "At This Hour"


Former DNC chair Donna Brazile said this week on the "FOX News Sunday" roundtable that

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: A new "Des Moines Register" poll is out this weekend that shows Bernie Sanders back in the lead at 20%, that is up five points from November with Warren and Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden all closely bunched as you can see, with Pete Buttigieg who was the leader in the previous November poll, down nine points.

Donna, given his lead and that poll, given how well he is doing in New Hampshire and the fact he is the strong leader in fundraising, is Bernie Sanders now the front runner in the democratic race?

DONNA BRAZILE: Two weeks ago, someone said: "Is Mayor Pete the front runner?" Four weeks ago--

Chris: I understand that but we have to cover the news.

DONNA BRAZILE: And you know what, he is the front runner, he is the front runner at this hour. I suspect over the next couple of days, especially as we prepare for the next debate, he is going to come under a lot of scrutiny, maybe one of the second-tier candidates will take aim, a shot at him, not literally but in terms of politically.

At the end of the day, we are nowhere close to deciding who the nominee is. I see pluses and minuses in the polls for Bernie but I also see Joe Biden is still the front runner overall in the race.

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