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Tucker Carlson: We Must Reign In Chamber Of Commerce Libertarianism That Has Allowed Greed To Flourish


Tucker Carlson warns the United States is on the verge of becoming a socialist country and making people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez more powerful unless we stop the Chamber of Commerce economic policies.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: For more than a hundred years, the Boeing Company has led international aviation. To this day, as measured by dollar amounts, Boeing remains America’s single largest exporter. But now, like so many American institutions, Boeing is in trouble. Last year, the company’s latest generation of 737 airplanes was grounded worldwide following several horrifying crashes. There’s still no sign the planes will be allowed back in the air any time soon. Production is being suspended.
In business terms, it’s a complete disaster. How did it happen? At least part of the responsibility lies with CEO Dennis Muilenburg, who has been in charge at Boeing since 2015. Fittingly, he’s now being fired. Which, on the face of it, sounds like good news. Someone in corporate America is finally being held accountable for screwing up. But before you celebrate, wait for the fine print: According to recent SEC filings, Muilenburg is walking away with more than $26 million dollars in cash and stock. Twenty six million dollars. That’s his punishment. And by the way, that figure could more than double, to over $50 million dollars, depending on the final terms of the settlement. 
Here’s some context for how much that is. A rank-and-file employee at Boeing might make sixty thousand dollar a year. That’s a decent salary in most places. It would take that worker more than 400 years to earn as much as the supposedly-disgraced Dennis Muilenburg is getting in his severance package. For his work presiding over deadly airplane crashes, Muilenburg is walking off with enough cash to pay the median income for four hundred and twenty U.S. households.
If that sounds perverse, keep in mind that it’s no longer unusual. Since 1978, CEO salaries at America’s largest corporations have risen by a factor of more than ten. Meanwhile, average workers have seen their wages stagnate, or even decline. In 1965, CEOs earned 20 times as much as regular employees. As recently as 1989, they outearned employees just 58 to 1. Today, that ratio is 278 to 1. No wonder people are sending money to Bernie Sanders. That’s what happens when you abuse the system. You discredit capitalism. Big business has done exactly that.
Keep in mind, this isn’t happening everywhere. In Europe, the disparities are much less stark. Airbus CEO Tom Enders, for example, made 10 million dollars in 2017. That’s a lot, but it was half as much as Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg made. And Airbus’s planes didn’t crash.
This is an ugly trend, and possibly immoral. But it’s worse than that. It’s also dangerous for our country. When normal people see their lives getting worse, while failures like Dennis Muilenburg get rich beyond description, many, not surprisingly, conclude that our system is rotten and not worth keeping. Polls show that’s happening right now. Thanks to stories like this one, Americans are warming up to socialism. Six months from now, a socialist could be the Democratic nominee for president. In a few years, this could easily become a socialist country. What would that look like? It would be a disaster of course. Socialism doesn’t work. It never has, especially not in sprawling, diverse countries like ours. Under a socialist regime, hundreds of millions of Americans would see their lives get dramatically worse, while demagogic morons like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would become vastly more powerful. Think America is stratified and unequal now? Wait till we get socialism. It’ll be so much worse. That’s coming, by the way, and at high speed. Why? Because mindless, chamber of commerce libertarianism has allowed greed and stupidity to flourish in corporate boardrooms. Unless we reign it in immediately, right now, we’re going to lose the system that made this country great. 

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