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Rep. James Clyburn: Stephen Miller Is A "Cancer On This Country"


CNN: Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) joins CNN's Fredricka Whitfield to weigh in on the controversy surrounding senior White House adviser Stephen Miller. The House Majority Whip also discussed the withholding of impeachment articles ahead of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate.

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, CNN HOST: So help some people understand the process, because the constitution does say the House has the power to impeach. The Senate has the power to hold trial. But nothing in the constitution, you know, stipulates the length in the delay, any delay in transmitting these articles. Is it possible that the articles are on indefinite hold, or is there a deadline?

REP. JAMES CLYBURN (D-SC): Well, I try to liken this legislative process to our judicial process. We, in the House of Representatives, act as what we would call a grand jury. You have probable cause, you're looking to see whether or not there is reason to send something to trial.

You don't have all your witnesses before the grand jury. You don't have the entire process before the grand jury. You're determining whether or not there's sufficient evidence to go to a trial.

CLYBURN: So that's what we did in the House. We found sufficient evidence to send this thing to the Senate for a trial. We were expecting and still are expecting the Senate to do its job. Put on a full, fair trial. Call the witnesses.

We have put forth four witnesses that we think ought to be called. They may not want to put two. But you cannot get zero --


WHITFIELD: Including the chief of staff Mick Mulvaney --

CLYBURN: -- and they call it fail.

WHITFIELD: -- and former NSA, you know, John Bolton -- those are among the witnesses. If they are not called, if no witnesses are called, as Mitch McConnell has said, can you have a fair trial?

CLYBURN: No, absolutely not. And I think Mitch McConnell knows that. I think Lindsey Graham knows that. But I don't think they're interested in fairness. They are interested in a charade. They want to go through a process, mark time, and declare an outcome that they have already decided what it would be.

That is not the way you have a trial in this country, at least it should not be the way you have a trial. We are a nation of laws, not of one or two men. We are a nation of laws. We ought to live by those laws. We ought to have a process that everybody can be proud of.

Nobody can be proud of this thing that Mitch McConnell has put forward. And I really believe that the American people need to speak up.

I'm so glad that many fine people from the Jewish community are now speaking up about Stephen Miller. I was born and raised in the --


WHITFIELD: Asking that he resign or at least be removed.

CLYBURN: That's exactly right. He should be. This guy is really a cancer on this country, not just this presidency. And the same thing is happening now with the evangelical community, the Christian community as I call it. I was born and raised in the (INAUDIBLE). I know what the bible says about a whole lot of things. And it's certainly isn't what Franklin Graham is saying. He must not be reading the same bible that I have read and the bible that his father preached from so much.

So I really believe that Christians and Jews are now beginning to speak up about the misrepresentation that's taking place by a few people smirching (ph) these two great religions. And they are the two great religions upon which this country is found.

Judeo Christian principles means a whole lot to me. I tell people all the time, my favorite verse of the bible is Micah 6:8 -- doing justice, love and mercy and being humble. And I have a favorite of the New Testament, Matthew 25:45. These two things, doing it for the least of the.

So Judeo-Christian principles are what we are built upon. They are being misrepresented by Franklin Graham and Stephen Miller. And it's time for Christians and Jews to speak out about this and let's put this country back on an even keel.

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