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Cory Booker: "Both Sides Of The Aisle Are Fatigued" By Impeachment; "Exhausted"


2020 presidential candidate and a juror in the Senate impeachment trial, Senator Cory Booker joins Meet The Press for an exclusive interview to discuss impeachment and the Senate trial.

"I’ve heard from my Democratic colleagues, folks just tell me this is just not a good thing for America. I don’t think the colleagues that I know that are my friends in the Senate on both sides of the aisle think this is a good thing. None of us are happy about this," Booker said about the upcoming impeachment trial. "I’m exhausted, frankly, of the Biden aspect of this. This does not speak in any way that’s germane to the President’s behavior. Did the President or not -- and there were witnesses in the room -- did he violate his oath? Did he violate national security? Did he pursue his own personal interests with our taxpayer dollars counter to the mandates of Congress? This is a very clear cut and dry thing to me, and there are people who can be testifying in front of the American people and settle this once and for all, under oath, what did you witness? And we should be doing that, because God, all of us, on both sides of the aisle, We’re just fatigued of this."

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