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PBS Woodruff to Biden: Economy Is Booming Under Trump, How Do You Convince Voters To Make A Change?


Former Vice President Joe Biden is asked how he will convince voters to not for President Donald Trump given the current economic conditions at Thursday's Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by PBS Newshour and Politico.

JUDY WOODRUFF, PBS NEWSHOUR HOST: All right, we can pull some of your--I see some other hands up. I want to move to the next question and you can bring in I think your points with this but this one I am going to initially address to Vice President Biden and that is the overall U.S. economy right now looks strong. The unemployment rate is that historic close, unemployment among African-Americans is down and markets are booming, wages while not growing as much as many would like they are still doing about as well as they were in the Obama-Biden era.

My question to you Mr. Vice President is what is your argument to the voter watching this debate tonight who may not like everything President Trump does but they really like this economy and they don't know why they should make a change?

FMR. VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Well, I don't think they really do like the economy. Go back and talk to the old neighbors in the middle-class neighborhood you grew up in. The middle class is getting killed. The middle class is getting crushed. The working class has no way up as a consequence of that.

You have for example farmers in the Midwest 40 percent of them could pay--couldn't pay their bills last year. You have most of Americans if they have received a bill for $400 or more they would have to sell something or borrow the money. The middle-class is not as behind the eight ball. We have to make sure that they have and even shot.

We have to eliminate significant number of these god-awful tax cuts that were given to the very wealthy. We have to invest in education, we have to invest-- in healthcare. We have to invest in those things that make a difference in the lives of middle-class people so they can maintain their standard of living. That is not being done and the idea that we are growing, we are not growing, the wealthy--very wealthy are growing. Ordinary people are not growing. They are not happy with where they are and that is why we must change this presidency now.

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