Buttigieg Blasts Warren Tax Plan: We're Being Presented A False Choice Between "Extreme And Business As Usual" | Video | RealClearPolitics

Buttigieg Blasts Warren's Wealth Tax Plan: A False Choice Between "Extreme And Business As Usual"


At Thursday night’s sixth Democratic presidential primary debate in Los Angeles, Pete Buttigieg argued strongly against Elizabeth Warren's plan for a wealth tax.

"We’re being offered a false choice: You either go all the way to the extreme, or it’s business as usual,” the South Bend mayor said in response to Warren's statements about her plan to tax people with assets more than $50 million at 2 percent a year to pay for Medicare For All. "Yes, taxes on individuals and on corporations are going to have to go up. We can also be smart about the promises we’re making, make sure they’re promises we can keep without the kind of taxation economists tell us would hurt the economy."

"We've got to break out of the Washington mindset that measures bigness of an idea by how many trillions we spend or the boldness of an idea by how many fellow Americans it can antagonize," he argued.

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