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Ben Domenech: CNN Aired More Segments About Trump's "Thanos" Meme Than About Afghanistan War Papers


"The Federalist" founder Ben Domenech joins FNC's Howie Kurtz on "Mediabuzz" to discuss the declining trust in media:

HOWIE KURTZ: You told the New York Times for 50 years now the steady degradation of trust in institutions and gatekeepers of American life has been an important trend for media and politics, explain.

BEN DOMENECH, THE FEDERALIST: What we see when we look at the polling data over the course of past half-century is that declining trust and all sorts of institutions that have been central to Americans' existence as Americans and that isn't limited to government incompetence or things of that nature. Rising distrust in big business, in the media, in the congress, in churches, in Wall Street and even in sports leagues, to manage cheating or doping.

What that really does is it chips away at all things that have made it possible for us to live a very unique existence as Americans, it's something that I think we should all be concerned about and what I'm most concerned about in this storyline is that the media is once again, just as they did at the end of the period of Robert Mueller's investigation, just as they did in terms of how much they got it wrong in the 2016 election, they are not having the level that level of introspection they ought to have, why did we tell a story that was so incomplete for so long.

HOWIE KURTZ: The Washington Post has a blockbuster series of obtaining confidential documents about how 3 administrations, the Bush administration, Obama and Trump lied and misled about the Afghan war, we have been now 18 years. This wasn't the paper's opinion, interviews with top officials, all kinds of documents, it got very little pickup.

BEN DOMENECH: It is a huge story and shouldn't -- most Americans aren't that surprised that the government has been spinning the story about the Afghanistan war to them over the years, but it should be the biggest story that we are talking about because we've spent a trillion dollars and lost more than 2,300 American lives in a war that we really don't know the purpose of anymore. And, yet, this story was not the one people were paying attention to.

In fact, I consulted with Grabien, an internet source that tracks these things, and in the past four days, Jake Tapper raised it this morning for the first time, but in the past four days, CNN did no segments on the Afghan papers, but did four different segments on the controversy they were ginning up about this Thanos meme the president's supporters had tweeted out.

HOWIE KURTZ: Thanos is a Marvel Comics villain. There was a picture if we have it, Donald Trump in Thanos garb. Less than a limit left, 30 second left. Is that what is causing people to retreat to their own storylines?

BEN DOMENECH: I think that's part of the problem, but only part of it, really what is most important is that we start talking to our neighbors, prioritizing different things within our communities and not get caught in the trap of looking at our ourselves as being the victim and being under assault.

HOWIE KURTZ: A trap it is, indeed.

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