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Brit Hume: Make No Mistake, In The Long Term Impeachment Is Not Going To Help Trump


Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume weighs in on Democrats unveiling articles of impeachment.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: It's interesting that they would support really one of Trump's signature issues, you know, his position on trade which was highly controversial not that long ago at exactly the moment they're impeaching him. That's a little bit -- I mean, the juxtaposition is a little bit strange.

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, the juxtaposition is striking but, you know, such things have happened in the past. I mean, these politicians have, you know, they can do more than one thing at once although at times it doesn't seem that way, Tucker, but you know, this is what you do when you're afraid you're going to be perceived as only doing one other thing. So, they're doing -- they're probably going to let this come to pass. Make no mistake about it, though, Tucker, I mean, in the short run it may be that this perception -- this is the impeachment party and little else is not helping the Democrats but in the long term impeachment is not going to help this president. Whatever effect it has on the Democrats it isn't going to help him and you only need to look to the example of Bill Clinton. Why do I say that? Well, Bill Clinton has often said -- or left office in a blaze of glory despite having been impeached but look at the issue that George W. Bush ran on against Al Gore in what was a pretty good economy. It was -- and the thing he harped on did Bush the entire campaign was restoring trust and dignity to the White House, right? There wasn't any doubt who he was talking about. It wasn't Al Gore and that proved to be as [unintelligible] as it sounds, that proved to be a winning message and that was because of -- that was the impeachment effect on that election in my judgment.

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