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Trump: FBI "Scum" Sent Spies To My Campaign, Destroyed Lives Of Great People


President Trump lambasted Democrats, the Washington establishment, the FBI, and the "deep state" at a campaign rally Tuesday night in Hershey, Penn. Trump said the Department of Justice IG report proved that the Obama FBI lied to FISA court in a "hit job" to be able to spy on his 2016 presidential candidate. He accused Democrats of trying to "nullify the election and overthrow our democracy."

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: They spied on our campaign, okay? Never happened before in the history of our country. And we're really wise to it. We're wise to it. The inspector general filed that the FBI's spying application contains 17 errors and omissions commonly known as lies and deceit. When the FBI, and you have great people in the FBI but not in leadership. You have not good people and leadership.

When the FBI uncovered evidence showing that we did absolutely nothing wrong, which was right at the beginning, they hid that exonerating, you know that, they hid it. They hid it so nobody could see it and they could keep this hoax going on for two more years. They knew right at the beginning...

The FBI also sent to multiple undercover human spies to surveillance and record people associated with our campaign. Look how they've hurt people. They've destroyed the lives of people that were great people, that are still great people. Their lives have been destroyed by scum. Okay, by scum.

An FBI lawyer forged, took an e-mail, forged, forged an e-mail used as evidence. An act which is now the subject of a criminal referral. Okay. What they did is so unbelievable. I look forward -- I don't know, I don't know, keep away, I look forward to Bull Durham's (John Durham) report, that's the one I look forward to. And this report was great by the IG, especially since he was appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama.

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