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Catholic Voters And The 2020 Election: "A Powerful Voting Bloc"


EWTN News has partnered with Real Clear Opinion Research to bring exclusive polling ahead of the 2020 presidential election. These results give us a clear look at the issues Catholic voters are concerned about, as well as a look at the Church in America. RCP Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon and Real Clear Opinion Research polling director John Della Volpe join EWTN.

"Devout Catholics are very much still with this president and with the Republican Party," Cannon said. "This poll shows it is the mirror image of what is going on the Evangelical/Protestant church, which is the younger Protestants are less likely to be Republicans. Evangelical Christians who are devout, who go to church regularly or identify themselves as evangelicals -- they are a powerful voting bloc if you combine them with the devout Catholics who go to mass once a week or more. Now you're talking about a coalition, maybe we ought to be talking about the Christian vote in journalism and political science."

"If you're a Democrat, this would be in your favor. Republicans don't have an unlimited number of election cycles. Next year might be the last one with the status quo the way it is because younger Catholics, like younger non-Catholics, are less likely to be Republican or conservative and less likely to support the president," he also said.

"The difference between the generations is significant," Della Volpe added. "And for the first time, we'll have more younger Catholics voting than older Catholics in 2020."

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