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Christie: Trump Can Afford To Lose Two Republican Senators; Collins And Gardner Can "Take A Walk"


Sunday on ABC's "This Week" political roundtable, former N.J. Gov. Chris Christie played out the worst-case scenario for President Trump in the likely Senate impeachment trial, laying out a scenario where President Trump might have to count on getting a "not guilty" vote from either Mitt Romney or Joe Manchin to stay in office.

RAHM EMANUEL: I will say this, if you think lockstep is a good message for Susan Collins or Cory Gardner in Colorado, I'm more than willing to join your ticket up there -- Not going to be a good vote, and that's why they're going to look for room here. Here's the thing for the Republicans. In '98 they overshot the runway on impeachment. Their danger here they'll undershoot the consequences.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Well, Jeff Van Drew in blue New Jersey has already said he's not voting for impeachment.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And maybe Colin Peterson in Minnesota as well --

CHRIS CHRISTIE: To say it will be an easy vote for some of those swing-district Democrats has already proven to be wrong, in one in the bluest states in the country, my state has -- but, Rahm, he has plenty of support from -- wait a second. He has plenty of support from from the governor from all the other members of his Congressional delegation and from the two Democratic United States senators, Jeff Van Drew could raise enough money to overcome anything. He decided not to do this and in terms of overshooting the runway, Nancy Pelosi knows she's overshooting the runway here but has no choice.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about in the senate. Can the president afford to lose one, two or three senators?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: I think he could afford to lose two. I think he can afford to lose two. That gets him to 49 so you don't have a majority of the United States Senate voting for removal, and I think that can be a good place where he lands and that allows someone like Susan Collins and Cory Gardner to take a walk. That --

STEPHANOPOULOS: That assumes Romney holds firm.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Listen, I saw Mitt Romney at the vaping meeting in the White House sitting right next to the president at that vaping meeting agreeing with him and urging him to do certain things. I don't think --

RAHM EMANUEL: Romney's taking up vaping.

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