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Dem Rep. Bass on Impeachment: We Know Who Trump Answers To, It's Not The American People, It's Putin


ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN HOST: OK. And what about what will be included in articles of impeachment? What are you all talking about in terms of, will it just be solely based on Ukraine or will there be some Russia/Mueller report threads?

REP. KAREN BASS (D-CA): Well, I will tell you, in the Judiciary, in our committee, we have not discussed yet what specific articles of impeachment will be. So we -- we will see. I don't know. I mean it could be a few -- I don't believe that there would be a ton of articles, but we actually have not had that conversation yet.

CAMEROTA: So, I mean, can you just share with us what the feeling is about beyond Ukraine? Are we --

BASS: Well, we certainly -- we certainly know that abuse of power, we know that the president has abused his power.

I mean that's what we examined an awful lot yesterday. I believe he's betrayed the Constitution. And I also think that he has obstructed Congress. I mean he won't cooperate with anything. And then the Mueller report certainly showed ten examples of obstruction of justice.

Now, whether or not those will be articles of impeachment, in all honesty, I can tell you that we have not had the specific discussion.

CAMEROTA: Has a discussion come up about possible perjury involving the president's written answers to Robert Mueller?

BASS: No, that has not come up yet. But, you know, there -- one of the problems and one of our dilemmas is, there is so much -- there is so much that this administration has done, that the president has done.

I do think it's important that we focus. But, again, the sense of urgency to me is about the next election. And it's also about our national security.

I mean, I think it's difficult for us in the United States to imagine the situation that the president of Ukraine is in. I mean he was a popularly elected president. His ratings have gone down. We have compromised his presidency. This is a man who is under attack by another country. Russia is occupying part of his territory. And then the president had nerve enough to say, well, you know, we have money, your defense assistance, but we need you to help us out first. It's just incredibly inappropriate. I believe it was illegal. But I also believe that in the United States it's kind of hard for us to imagine the situation that this president is in. And all of that compromises our national security.

But we do know, over the last three years, we know who this president answers to. And it's not the American people. It's Putin.

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