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Pelosi On Confrontation With Journalist James Rosen: "Was That A Reporter? Is That What Reporters Do?"


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a CNN town hall event on impeachment Thursday night said President Trump is a "master of projecting." Pelosi said Congress is honoring its oath to defend the constitution by proceeding with articles of impeachment.

Pelosi also reacted to the confrontation she had with Sinclair journalist James Rosen at a press conference Wednesday morning. Rosen asked the Speaker if she "hates" President Trump which led her to leave the podium and chastise the reporter for daring to ask the question.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN:  And we'll get to some of those questions about the subjects you raised.  I do want to ask you, though, there was an intense moment this morning when you spoke to reporters.  A reporter asked you if you hated President Trump, if that was the motivation for impeachment.  You said you don't hate anybody and you also said don't mess with me when it comes to words like that, the word hate.  Can you share why that seemed to elicit such a strong response from you?
SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI:  Was that a reporter?  Is that what reporters do?  
TAPPER:  He's...
PELOSI:  Is that what reporters do?  In any event...
TAPPER:  Well, I'm not going to comment on that.  But, yes, he's a reporter with Sinclair News.  
PELOSI:  Yes, Sinclair.  Is that a news story?  The -- I was raised a Catholic, my college roommate, Rita Meyer, my college classmate, Mary -- they are here with me.  We were raised -- and my dear husband, Paul, and Demi (ph), our friend, Susan, we were raised in the Catholic faith.  And the word hate a person was just -- that just doesn't happen.  You know, the word "hate" is a terrible word.  
But you might reserve it for vanilla ice cream or something like that, but not -- I'm a chocoholic -- but not for a person.  And it is -- so for him to say that was really disgusting to me.  And of course, he was quoting somebody else.  
TAPPER:  Congressman Collins, Republican on the Judiciary.  
PELOSI:  Hiding behind something else.  But I think that it's a technique, a tactic that they use.  I'd rather like to think that America is a country that is full of love.  Whatever we think about what somebody else might believe, that might be different from us, that that's not a -- that isn't a reason to dislike somebody.  It's a reason to disagree with somebody.  
And our founders -- excuse me, I have a little cold -- our founders...
TAPPER:  Some water here, if you want.
PELOSI:  ... gave us guidance.  They said E pluribus unum.  From many, one.  They couldn't imagine how many we would be or how different we would be from each other.  But they know that we had to strive for oneness.  So whatever our differences, that we try to resolve them in a way that was unifying for our country.  
That's what we hope to do, even with this unfortunate necessity -- made necessary by the president's actions -- in this impeachment, to try to do it in a way that makes us worthy of our oath of office as we honor the vows of our founders to unify our country.  
TAPPER:  If you want some water, by the way, right here.
PELOSI:  Thank you.  

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