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Politico's David Freedlander: Giuliani And Trump Used To Be Friends, Now They Are "Mutual Life Rafts For Each Other"


Politico reporter David Freedlander weighed in on the effectiveness --or lack thereof-- of President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in an interview this weekend with MSNBC's Alex Witt:

DAVID FREEDLANDER, POLITICO: I don’t think Rudy is in this because he is really offended by corruption in Ukraine, nor is Donald Trump.

I felt like these guys were close back in the day. I mean, I think they’re just kind of mutual life rafts for each other at this point. I mean, nobody was supporting Donald Trump in the Republican Party before Rudy Giuliani became one of his loudest supporters.

I think nobody was supporting Rudy Giuliani other than Donald Trump. And so, now these two guys and they sort of see the world in this similar way, where you just are constantly trying to get whatever political advantage you can and who cares what the consequences are, who cares what the rules are.

ALEX WITT, MSNBC: But David, how do you explain this connection? There is an apparent loyalty that exists from Rudy Giuliani to this president that you do not see him paying to others in his inner circle. What’s driving that?

FREEDLANDER: I think we see it now, but from that clip you just rolled, I mean, I think, who knows how much longer this relationship’s going to last? I promise you, promise you that the minute it is not beneficial to either of them, it would be a different story.

WITT: Okay, so that begs this question — you may not like it or even make sense currently of Rudy Giuliani’s approach or his messaging, but how effective, David, is Giuliani when he’s defending the president?

FREEDLANDER: Not at all, I mean, it just — watching him is just hard to watch. I mean, it’s like a chaos merchant on TV, you know, reporters’ text messages. He’s not making sense. We’re just watching this guy swing wildly around in real time. Who knows what he’ll say next? Who knows what tomorrow will bring?”

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