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Klobuchar on Bloomberg: Normal Candidates Are "Never Going To Be Able To Compete With Two Billionaires" On Spending


2020 candidate Amy Klobuchar responded to the impeachment inquiry against President Trump and the entry of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg into the Democratic presidential primary race in an interview Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

CHUCK TODD: What’s the criticism of your campaign so far that’s resonated the most with you? That you think, ‘you know what? That’s fair. I’m trying to change.’

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR: Well, I think it would always be nice to get in more money, and we have. You know, they’re always saying, ‘oh you haven’t raised as much money as some of these other guys’. Well, I’m not as well known. Since the last debate, we’ve taken over $2 million dollars in at one instance, online, from regular people in six days. So we are expanding. We’re opening more offices in Iowa, we’re more — opening more offices and adding staff in New Hampshire and in the other early states. And that’s because the momentum’s on our side. And I’ll never going to be able to compete with two billionaires, that is true. I’m not going to be able to buy this thirty-some million dollar ad buy.

CHUCK TODD: You seemed particularly insulted by Bloomberg’s entry. No I mean, and I, look, I understand of other — but look, he’s coming - -this is your space. You’re saying hey, I’m the compromise — I’m the one that if Biden falters, and all of a sudden ‘hey you, you’re getting into my space!’ That’s what you sounded like.

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR: Well, it is more about money and politics for me. I have admiration for the work that he’s done. But I don’t buy this argument that you get in because you say ‘oh everyone else sucks.’ I just don’t.

I think we have strong candidates. I don’t think that any of the polling or the numbers show that people are dissatisfied with all their candidates. They’re just trying to pick the right one. So my case is to make that it’s me. I’m the one from the beginning that has set that path. That you look people in the eyes, you tell them the truth. That no, we’re not going to give free college to everyone, but we are going to match our economy with the jobs and the education system that we have. I am the one that is the only one on the stage that didn’t get on that bill for kicking people off their current health insurance in four years.

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