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Alan Dershowitz: Ukraine Dispute Is About Policy, Not Lawbreaking; If Trump Is Impeached It Will Be Partisan


Attorney Alan Dershowitz joined FNC's Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" to give his take on the first week of public impeachment inquiry hearings into President Trump:

MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS: What do you think your takeaway is from the last couple of weeks of these public hearings to impeach President Trump.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: I think these hearings demonstrate beyond any doubt. That these criteria have not been met. They're all about policies, do you agree or disagree with how the president handled Ukraine. Those are reasonable bases deciding who to vote for, but nothing I've seen during these weeks of the impeachment testimony has moved the ball at all toward impeachment. If he is impeached it will be partisan.

BARTIROMO: It has been the process that the republicans are really complaining about. The fact that Devin Nunes can't yield his time to somebody else or the fact that the Republicans can't call their own witnesses without checking with Adam Schiff. What is your reaction to the process?

DERSHOWITZ: It is very, very unfair. I mean the impeachment process is quasi-criminal in nature and the person being accused is supposed to have rights comparable to the rights of somebody being accused of a crime. The constitution talks about high crimes and misdemeanors yet the process is screwed and one-sided and partisan. It was Alexander Hamilton said quite clearly we do not want a partisan process where impeach turns on who has the most votes. That is what is going on.

BARTIROMO: Lindsey Graham has been on this program saying it is dead on arrival in the senate unless we interview the whistle-blower. Yet they're tiptoeing around the whistleblower. What do you think about that? Should the whistleblower come out to explain these charges?

DERSHOWITZ: He will or she will, eventually, we don't know who it is. There is no doubt this can't go forward to the Senate without a full opportunity to cross-examine all of the relevant witnesses and republicans will be able to subpoena the whistleblower. We have to balance the right of the whistleblower against retaliation against the right of the person to produce witnesses.

BARTIROMO: Let me ask about the upcoming I.G. report. We're expecting the I.G. report out December 9th. We've been following the story for three years. Our audience feels like they know exactly what happened, that Donald Trump was framed in 2016. What are you expecting from the John Durham now criminal investigation?

DERSHOWITZ: We're getting for the first time non-partisan, objective reports, both by the inspector general and by the U.S. Attorney in Connecticut. The American public is craving an objective analysis rather than the partisan analyses we've been getting. So I think we'll get some very useful information that will allow the American public to decide who is at fault. What I don't want is to see weaponizing the criminal justice system. I don't want to see the Democrats weaponizing it. I don't want to see the Republicans weaponizing it. Let's reserve the criminal justice system for real crimes, not political sins.

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