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Jonathan Steele: New Evidence That Syrian Government Was Falsely Blamed For Chemical Attacks


"The Guardian" correspondent Jonathan Steele told FNC's Tucker Carlson Monday evening that there is new evidence that the Syrian government was not responsible for the chemical weapons attacks that have been used as justification for U.S. bombings in that country.

TUCKER CARLSON: Some of us, this show, had suspicions from the outset there wasn't much evidence that this had actually happened. What do we now know?

JONATHAN STEELE, THE GUARDIAN: We now know from this whistleblower, who prefers to call himself Alex, we know his real name and we have got proof that he did work at the OPCW [Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons].

He was an inspector. One of the team of about nine people who went to Damascus and Douma to pick up samples on the ground and to talk to witnesses and check the whole thing out. Now, he took these samples.

The main point is that Chlorine gas degrades rapidly in the air. So coming in two weeks later, you wouldn't find anything. What you would find is that the gas contaminates or affects other chemicals in the natural environment. So-called "Chlorinated organic chemicals." The difficulty is they exist anyway in the natural environment and water. So the crucial thing is the levels, were there higher levels of Chlorinated organic chemicals found after the alleged gas attack than there would have been in the normal environment?

When they got back to the Netherlands, to The Hague where the OPCW has its headquarters, samples were sent off to designated laboratories, then there was a weird silence developed. Nobody told the inspectors what the results of the analysis was. It was only by chance that the inspector found out through accident earlier the results would come in and there were no differences at all. There were no higher levels of Chlorinated organic chemicals in the areas where the alleged attack had happened where there is some suspicious cylinders had been found by opposition activists. So it didn't seem possible that there could have been a gas attack because the levels were just the same as in the natural environment.

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