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Bannon: Bloomberg Will Totally Disrupt The Race, Leaving An Opening For Hillary Clinton To "Save" The Party


Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon gives his insight on 'Anonymous,' a book said to describe the inner-workings of the Trump administration. Bannon also weighs in on the House Democrats' impeachment probe and Michael Bloomberg's White House bid.

Bannon said Democrats overplayed their hand with the Trump impeachment inquiry and thought it was going to be like the Watergate public hearings. He said the American people are starting to understanding the Democratic obsession with overturning the election, or what he calls "the nullification project."

The former Trump campaign chairman predicted a Trump win in 2020, saying that nobody can beat Donald Trump other than Donald Trump. He also predicts that Bloomberg will shake up the race so much that he will create an opening for Hillary Clinton to enter as the savior for the party.

From his interview with FOX Business anchor Trish Regan:

TRISH REGAN, FOX BUSINESS: Tell me about the deep state as you saw it. When you were there, I mean, look, American voters, they put their -- and I'll use a business analogy -- they put their CEO into the seat, right? So, they've got their guy who's in charge. He's supposed to be running foreign policy. And yet you have a lot of people that are entrenched within the system. Had certainly been there probably eight years in some cases with Obama thinking a little differently.
STEVE BANNON: This is the genius, what President Trump said, this entire impeachment thing. Remember, the reason the numbers kind of went against him is that they didn't have a unified defense, whether the RNC, the campaign, the White House and outside groups all come together under President Trump's leadership. And what he said is that, hang on. What I said was actually perfect. He said, I want to fight this on the facts. The facts are it's going to turn out that my national security and foreign policy and I'm correct here. That's what the American people elected me to do. So I think by standing on substance, he unified the Republican Party. And what happened that the overplaying of the hand of Pelosi and Schiff particularly, was these public hearings they thought was going to be like Watergate and Clinton were the public hearings -- the public would get involved in, the numbers would go against the president. The exact opposite happened. People started tuning out. The numbers drop by ratings. And what people did, the independents, you know, 3 to 1, people say that-- they think this is a scandal for Washington in the media. By 2 to 1, they say they're tired of these investigations. And most importantly, Politico did this poll that said of 11 basic issues. The impeachment is dead last with independents. So the numbers are going against him and that's caused -- President Trump said, I'm going to fight this on the facts. And I got to tell you, he's saying I want a trial. If you're going to go ahead, I dare you to impeach me. If you do it, I want to go to trial. In the trial, all this hearsay is not going to be evidence. They're going to have -- Schiff and these people are going to have a very tough time making a case. And President Trump's going to demand that Senator Biden, Joe Biden, the whistleblower and Schiff all come and testify. And when that happens, the whole house of cards the Democrats are going to implode. Nancy Pelosi has bet her speakership on this now. Those 31 one swing districts where you see the numbers going the other way, she told them when she picked these people to run and Bloomberg, put up the money essentially, never mentioned impeachment. Talk about health care, talk about the economy. Now they're stuck to impeachment.
REGAN: She warned them. She should written the book.
BANNON: It should have been not enough -- they've overplayed their hand. And this is what I think Trump deserves the credit for. He said from the beginning, I want to fight this on substance. I don't want to say this is bad and it's not impeachable. This was not just not wrong. This is why I was elected by the American people...

REGAN: I got it. You disagree with the president, you disagree with anybody that voted for him. Sixty three million American voters voted for him. And, you know, somehow you just used the word cult in an effort to shame, in an effort to demean, an effort to destroy Americans for voicing their support for the President of the United States. It's kind of messed up and it's going to cost the left in 2020, just as it did in 2016. Joining me right now, one of most brilliant minds of our political time, someone who, like President Trump, saw the strife that everyday Americans were facing and knew change was needed in Washington. I am back with the president's former chief of staff, chief strategist. Forgive me, Mr. Steve Bannon. Steve. You know, 63 million Americans, they're part of a cult?
BANNON: This is such an insult. Look, people love President Trump because of why he's fighting for these policies. It's build a wall. It's redo our immigration system. It's deconstruct the administrative state. It's cut taxes. The economy is on fire. You know, markets up at an all-time high. Emerson had a poll thing today. African-American's approval is 34 percent, Hispanic approval at 36 percent. President Trump, the reason people are too busy to focus on the impeachment have very little time is they're at work. Trump has put the country to work. What they support is prosperity. What they support is peace. His America First national security policy is to get us out of all these endless foreign wars that the geniuses in the foreign policy policy establishment North Korea, Venezuela, Ukraine, all those were dumped on Trump. Trump didn't create those, he wasn't even in politics at the time. And the audacity of people like Dan Rather in the permanent political class in their propaganda arm, which is the mainstream media to sit there and demean hardworking Americans, say you're in a cult. These are free men and women that say these policies I like and I support this guy because he's a fighter. He's fought for us day one and he's not going to back off. You could come at him with these books. You can come at him with the editorial page of The New York Times. You could with impeachment investigations. He doesn't care. He's still hammering every day for these people. And that's why they support him and that's why they love it.
REGAN: I'm impressed by -- and I would just say it's important that everybody remember, do not underestimate the power of the American people, the intelligence of the American people to cut through all that noise, just like, you know, investors on Wall Street that are trying to figure out which end is up. Right. And the markets now at an all-time high. Americans are saying, I'm over this. I mean, you look at all the poll numbers that suggest people are just a little disgusted, if you would, with Washington insiders trying to push this impeachment.
BANNON: The reason they're -- I think this is so important, this break over Thanksgiving and around the Thanksgiving table. I know you don't want to politicize it too much, but when it is going to come up for the whole holiday weekend, what people, I think are going to start getting angry about is the opportunity cost. You're not doing USMCA, you're not doing drug pricing, you're not doing opioids, you're not doing infrastructure. Congress --Nancy Pelosi told the 31 in those districts never mentioned impeachment when you're running. Talk about health care, talk about jobs. And now they're stuck to impeachment. The American people are starting to understand they're so obsessed with overturning the '16 election, what I call the nullification project. Whether they do it this way or they do it through the impeachment, they've got to defeat Trump. They can't do at the ballot box. They have to do it with extra democratic means. And so the American people I think you starting to see the polls come now that they're losing interest. I think you'll start to see actual anger. But this is the independents. And what Dan Rather ought to question are, why the independents shifting so much?
REGAN: They're part of the cult now.
BANNON: I mean, this is so insulting -- not to President Trump because he blows it off, dismisses it -- it's insulting to hardworking men and women that are the backbone of the Trump movement. Remember, the Trump movement is a working class and middle class movement. They didn't feel they had a voice of the permanent political class and how they're running -- look, this is a tale of two cities. The city of Washington, D.C., in the swamp, in the city, on the hill, the city on the hill's always made the right decision. The revolution, the Civil War, World War II. That's what you have today that are backing President Trump. These are people that understand the greatness of this country. They back President Trump because they were sick of the managed decline of the elites in this nation. And Dan Rather is going to sit there and call them a cult. No. What they want to do is return America to its former greatness. And they see Donald Trump as the instrument to do that. And he's delivering form and that's where they back him up.
REGAN: What do you think is going to come in the Horowitz report?
BANNON: I think listen, here's how they play the game. When they're nervous about something, what they want to do is leak it out early. So when it actually comes out, they say, hey, already been that, you know, we've seen there's been there done that --
REGAN: By the way, what we've already seen does not bode well for them. They may try and pass it off as some low level staffer. But somebody had to approve that. And you got some law out there tinkering with documents to try and --
BANNON: These FISA courts are some of the most controversial courts. It was set up, really, because the 9/11, these secret courts, they're actually going to get warns on Americans they don't know about. This shows institutional rot at the FBI and maybe at the CIA. I have said for two years now, I think you need another church commission made up of senators and members in the House that step back and look at this thoroughly. Remember, the IG report they say is no political influence. IG reports just the opening salvo, this should go to the Senate, it should go the courts. The Durham report is going to show this is not about a low level FBI person. This is how in these sacrosanct secret federal courts this was allowed to happen and how the institution of the FBI allowed this to happen and how other institutions like the CIA and other aspects of the security apparatus may be involved. It's all got to be vetted. And this is why Trump keeps saying, let's get back to the substance. Let's get back to details of all the substance comes out. All the details come out. President Trump's going to turn out fine. But I've got to tell you, people that are associated with this are not going to turn out fine.
REGAN: Let me turn to 2020. Let me turn to the Democrats. Bloomberg's now in on the mix. By the way, just to remind the viewers, this is the guy that broke the news here. Watch.
BANNON: They will throw Biden away. They'll throw Biden away to get to Trump and hope Elizabeth Warren or I even think Hillary Clinton or Bloomberg or some centrist comes in here. All these other people that could have been the centrist candidate for whatever reason haven't materialize. And that leaves a huge opportunity for two people, I believe, Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton.
REGAN: Well, you know, one of the two is in.
BANNON: Just like say we also [unintelligible] every time we had that up there by the geniuses, right? No, it's quite evident that, look, the ratings -- and President Trump follows this. Like the ratings for the impeachment started drop off. The ratings for the Democratic primaries are dropping off. There's a lack of interest. There's no star power. And more importantly, there doesn't seem like a fighter that can take on Trump.
REGAN: But does Mike Bloomberg deliver that star power?
BANNON: Here's where I do think -- listen, first off, quantity has a quality all its own and his quantity is capital. He's very smart in applying his capital to politics. Remember, one of the reasons we have this impeachment going on is because Nancy Pelosi took the House on the shoulders of Mike Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg's money. It was $100 million of Bloomberg's capital that went in. I think they focused on twenty five House races and won 23 of them. So a large extent, Nancy Pelosi owes her job to Michael Bloomberg. He's been he's been moving these chess pieces around for a while. He hopes to use his capital to blow a hole because he sees Mayor Pete, Biden, Cory Booker, the other centrists are just not getting traction. And I believe he thinks the Wall Street faction of the Democratic Party is not going to have a coronation for Elizabeth Warren. So he's going to come in, I think is going to totally disrupt the race. And I believe Hillary Clinton is going to look and say, I'm going to step in to save the Democratic Party. And so don't count -- I'm only two for two on this. I think Hillary Clinton is taking a hard look and seeing what Bloomberg is doing and seeing how Bloomberg is trying to position himself. I think the Democratic race is wide open.

REGAN: Who would be harder for the president to beat?
BANNON: Nobody. The only person who can beat Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Nobody -- Michael is  not going to beat -- there's nobody out there that can beat him. I think, look, if you see where the economy's going, if you see how he's sorting out the national security situation. If you see how people are now focused on prosperity and they get around the Thanksgiving table at the end of the year, University of Michigan's consumer report came out. I think it's the 30th month in the row. It's been over ninety five. And we haven't had optimism like this from the consumer since the 1990s and the Internet and when the Internet stocks were on fire.

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