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MSNBC's Deutsch: "We Live In A Bubble," Impeachment Hearings Got Same Ratings As A Regular CBS Sitcom


"Morning Joe" regular panelist Donny Deutsch expressed his concerns after the first week of public impeachment inquiry hearings that liberal commentators like those on MSNBC were "in a bubble" and are overplaying their hand on impeachment. He asked the panel if "anybody knows" CBS sitcom "Bob Loves Abishola," because that show got the same ratings as the impeachment hearings.

"That’s a show on CBS, that had you know, about five or six million viewers. That’s what these hearings have done," he worried. "We live in a little bit of a bubble that we sit here and we watch. The reality is, when you look at that new Emerson poll where we’ve lost 5 percent of people who even believe he should be impeached and 14 percent removed from office."

He said in order to remove President Trump from office, Democrats needed a clear message, not 40 hours of public hearings about Ukraine policy: "Somehow the Democrats need to brand this in a bigger place. Take impeachment and bring it to something that can come back as a dinner table issue."

"This is the president of betrayal," he suggested as a slogan. "[Trump] betrayed the American trust, he betrayed our national security, he betrayed the Constitution, the presidency, he betrayed us on education. Now I’m making the turn. He basically is taking our budget back 10 percent. He’s going to betray us on health care, he still wants to repeal Obamacare, he’s betrayed you on taxes."

"It needs to go to a bigger place because, unfortunately, come January and February, the parade will move on and we get very hyped up in this building here, we get very hyped up watching," he added. "The reality is, if the games take Trump out of office, you’ve got to take this betrayal and move it to a bigger place for the candidates to tuck the football under their arm and go."

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