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Bernstein: United State In A "Cold Civil War" Because Of FOX News


On CNN Thursday morning, network contributor Carl Bernstein lamented that Republicans are not into removing President Trump from office and engage in a scenario like in 1974 when Republican Senator Barry Goldwater went to President Richard Nixon at the White House to notify him that he wouldn't have Republican support to avoid removal from office.

CARL BERNSTEIN: Look, things happen in their own time. So you can't make too many useful comparisons of events in different eras. There's no question that FOX is perhaps the most important political development in changing our political culture in the last 25/30 years. It's been hugely influential and it's not a news operation. It really is about presenting a particular ideology and point of view. And it has changed culturally who we are in this country.

We're in a cold civil war. And I'm not sure we would be in this cold civil war without FOX having being in the trenches of the cold civil war for all these years. But let's take a look at some of the comparisons between Watergate and what's happening now. And the real difference is the system worked in Watergate. Thus far we really haven't seen the system work. Richard Nixon tried to make the conduct of the press an issue in Watergate. It didn't work. It's worked much more successfully for Donald Trump.

In both instances, the presidents of the United States, Nixon and Trump, tried to undermine the very basis of our democracy, a free electoral system. In Nixon's case he didn't want to run against the strongest candidate and he approved a massive campaign of political espionage sabotage to cripple Muskie's candidacy, much as Joe Biden has been targeted by Donald Trump. The difference here being that Nixon never went to a foreign power to undermine the American electoral process. Nixon did it with this massive campaign at home.

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