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Warren on Medicare For All: I Just Want People To Have Chance To "Feel And Taste It"


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said she wants people to have a "taste" of Medicare For All at Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate moderated by MSNBC.

KIRSTEN WELKER, MODERATOR, MSNBC CORRESPONDENT: Let's talk about Medicare for all. Senator Warren you are running on Medicare for all. Democrats have been winning elections even in red states with a very different message on healthcare, protecting Obamacare. Democrats are divided on this issue. What do you say to voters who are worried that your position on Medicare for all could cost you critical votes in the general election?

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): So I look out and I say tens of millions of Americans who are struggling to pay their medical bills. Thirty-seven million people who decided not to have a prescription filled because I just can't afford it, people who didn't take the tests the doctor recommended because they just can't afford it.

So here is my plan. Let's bring as many people in and get as much help to the American people as we can as fast as we can. On day one as president I will do--bring down the cost of prescription drugs on things like insulin and epi-pens. That is going to save tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars for people. I am going to defend the affordable care act from the sabotage of the Trump administration.

In the first 100 days I'm going to bring in 135 million people into Medicare for all at no cost to them, everybody under the age of 18, everybody who has a family of four incomes less than $50,000. I'm going to lower the age of Medicare to 50 and expand Medicare coverage to include dig--vision and dental and long-term care. And then in the third year when people have had a chance to feel it and tasted and live with it were going to vote and we are going to want Medicare for all.

WELKER: Senator, thank you. Senator Sanders let me bring you into this conversation and ask you–

SANDERS: Thank you. I wrote the damn bill.

WELKER: --The question–


WELKER: Well, I want to ask you the question this way, Senator Sanders. You described your campaign including her plans were Medicare for all as a political revolution.


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