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FNC's MacCallum to Swalwell: Would You Investigate Eric Trump?


House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is interviewed by FOX News' Martha MacCallum on the first public testimony in impeachment inquiry.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS HOST: I have Eric Trump here, and I'm going to ask him some of those questions about exactly what happened in all of this.  But let me ask you this, because if Eric Trump got a job on a board for a company in Turkey, okay, would you be okay with that, or would you think that might be something that should be looked into?
REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA): You'll need to give me another 20 minutes to talk about the Trump's cashing in on access --
MACCALLUM: I've got 30 seconds.
SWALWELL:  -- to their father.
MACCALLUM: Give me your best shot.
SWALWELL: Yeah.  I mean, Ivanka Trump getting trademarks granted to her while she's working at the White House from China, Don, Jr., going over to India --
MACCALLUM: I asked you about a specific example.
SWALWELL: -- and telling Trump condos.  Yes, I -- it's a whole nother segment, Martha.
MACCALLUM: Well, that's what they do.  That's their business.  They're in real estate.  They've been in real estate for 20, you know-- I don't know, 25 years.
SWALWELL: Yeah.  The corrupt practices of the Trump family would take a whole segment.  But I'm focused on --
MACCALLUM: So would you or would you not --
SWALWELL: -- this president now.
MACCALLUM: -- if one of them, after he became president, suddenly became an advisor to an energy company in Turkey or Ukraine, you would say, "I'm not interested in that"?  Because that's what you're saying right now.
SWALWELL: We have open investigations into the Trump family for their corrupt practices, Martha.  But here there's no --
MACCALLUM: Yeah, but those situations are not --
SWALWELL: -- evidence --
MACCALLUM: -- parallel.
MACCALLUM: And I'm asking you a specific question.
MACCALLUM: I'm saying, if it had never been in those businesses before and they got into them only after their father became president, wouldn't you want to investigate that?
SWALWELL: I would want to go through formal channels.  I don't think it's appropriate --
MACCALLUM: Okay, good.
SWALWELL: -- for the President of the United States to ask another leader to involve themselves in our politics.  And that's what's at stake.
MACCALLUM: Now, that's -- that's established as the topic of the day.

Bill Taylor and George Kent are asked by Swalwell if they are Never Trumpers:

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