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Trump: The Day I'm More Popular Than Obama, I'm Not Doing My Job


President Trump took a shot at his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, in remarks he delivered on economic policy at The Economic Club of New York luncheon on Tuesday.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: When you hear that I'm not so popular in various countries, please don't accept that as, gee, he doesn't have a good personality. Just realize what I'm trying to do for you. It's about time, okay? Please.


They recently came out with a poll that President Obama is much more popular in Germany than I am. I said my guess what? He should be. He should be.


The day I'm more popular than him, you know I'm not doing my job. Let's put it that way.


Because we are treated very badly by countries. They take advantage of us and they have for many, many years. It's hard to break that cycle.

We're breaking it and we're getting along with them, believe it or not. I think they respect us far more today than they ever have if you want to know the truth. We're replacing one of the worst trade deals ever in history, NAFTA, with a brand new U.S./Mexico/Canada agreement--a historic win for American farmers, energy producers and manufacturers. And the reason it's such a good deal for us I said listen, if you don't sign this deal, we are going to charge you tariffs on your product coming into the United States including all of those cars that are now manufactured in Mexico. 30 percent of our business lost over the last 20 years went to Mexico.

I said, so if you don't sign it so it's good agreement we're going to just charge you tariffs and they signed everything we wanted. The USMCA will create up to half a million American jobs and add at least 1.2 percent more to our total GDP and it should be much higher than that. The Democrats in Washington would rather pursue outrageous hoaxes and delusional witch hunts which are going absolutely nowhere. Don't worry about it--than pass the USMCA and deliver real stuff for the American workers. It's a great deal. USMCA. I put pressure on the Democrats--there's tremendous pressure already. And most of them--if you had a vote today--I think most of them would actually vote for it.

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