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Sen. Harris: Foreign Interference In Elections Is The New Form Of "Classic Voter Suppression"


2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) discusses her campaign, her plan for health care, impeachment, election security and foreign interference and why she says it's the new form of voter suppression.

Harris said if impeachment reaches the Senate she will be there even though it would be "against" her political interest.

"I'm running for president, I need to be in Iowa full-time," the U.S. Senator said. "I will tell you, if the impeachment inquiry gets to the United States Senate, I will be there, against my political interest to be in Iowa every day."

"This has to be a moment where everyone says that we took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," Harris declared.

Harris on foreign interference is the new voter suppression:

HARRIS: The Russians decided to target populations that they knew would create tension and in effect cause people to lack confidence in our election system and suppress the vote. And they targeted the black community and they used the issue of race, which is America's Achilles heel, to create tension and to draw heat so that Americans would turn on each other. And, ultimately, many people said this is too messy, I'm not going to vote. Voter suppression.

So, Russian interference, foreign interference in our election has now become the latest form of classic voter suppression on top of what we know so many states, at least two dozen states have done, in passing legislation, including North Carolina, that was found to be with surgical precision intended to suppress the black vote.

So we have now the challenge for the civil rights community is to deal with classic voter suppression and this newest form of voter suppression which is misinformation. And that's where the legitimate media and press play such an important role.

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