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Swalwell: "We Have A Sharp, Straight Line From The President To Rudy Giuliani"


JOHN BERMAN, CNN HOST: He used very careful language or specific language in describing this. He said he presumed that the aid suspension had become linked to the anti-corruption statement. In the evidence that you heard that you can tell us about, have you seen any evidence that the president directed the aid suspension inspect connection with the investigation?

REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA): Yes, witnesses who have told us, I believe Ambassador Taylor in his opening statement, that Ambassador Sondland said coming from the president, everything is connected to the investigations. So the Ukrainians have to not only get a White House visit and security assistance, they have to investigate President Trump's political opponents. So that's a direct --

BERMAN: Coming specifically from the president? Because Sondland didn't testify to that. Sondland is not testifying the president told me to link the aid.

SWALWELL: And Sondland is testifying that he had a number of conversations with the president around that time. He wasn't specific as to what the president told him, and he said he's not sure where he got the information.

What we have seen in investigations, I saw this as a prosecutor and we're seeing it in this investigation, even when someone is not completely forthcoming and then they come and revise and they give new information, there's still information that they may hold and they may just not want to say it yet. We want Ambassador Sondland if he does come in under oath to give us the complete, unvarnished truth. We have this evidence, though, from other witnesses who have said that Sondland has put himself out there as an agent of the president. The president said you're my guy on Ukraine. So it makes sense that the president --

BERMAN: Why does it matter whether the president himself directed a quid pro quo?

SWALWELL: We're looking at the president's conduct and no one else's conduct. But we have a sharp, straight line from the president to Rudy Giuliani. The president tells a number of people, Rudy is the guy on Ukraine, and then we have witnesses saying that Rudy is saying that the aid is also tied -- the White House meeting and the aid is tied to investigations.

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